Cartonova Introduces SimplCRM—A CRM and Member Directory Builder for Smaller Destinations and Chambers of Commerce

WENONAH, NJ, January 20, 2013 / CARTONOVA Press Release/—Adding to its line of open source software solutions, CARTONOVA introduced SimplCRM—a CRM and member directory builder designed expressly for smaller destination marketing organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and their memberships. According to Mark Mattson, system architect for Cartonova, “As we were developing our new destination TT CRM, something dawned on me. TT CRM is really robust. We made it that way. TT CRM competes on every level and scale. We’ve added new geo-spatial capacities that takes it out of the realm of CRM systems that are more useful for plumbing supply manufacturers. And while I could pat myself on the back for what we accomplished, I had a nagging feeling. As useful and economical as TT CRM is for tuna and whales, it is overkill for sunfish and largemouth bass. When you get right down to it, smaller organizations don’t need the same things that organizations with separate divisions on multiple floors do. While smaller groups are identical to their larger counterparts in terms of their contrbutions, smaller organizations need simple and cost-effective ways to manage members and membership directories. They also need the ability to keep notes and do archival reporting––be it graphical or statistical––for mayors, civic leaders, councils, and business owners.”

As a result of this revelation, Mattson set his code team on the path to creating what he calls SimplCRM.

“For every one destination whale, there are thousands of destination sunfish. This is not a statement based on importance or status. It is an acknowledgement of reality. There is a huge digital divide between the haves and have nots based on means and means alone. Smaller places have just as much to offer as larger places, but they have been priced out of the CRM market.”

This makes Mattson shake his head in wonder. “I came from a great little town in Minnesota. I live and work in one in New Jersey. These are small places with people and businesses that have real needs. What good are CRM features that do complex multi-divisional team management to people working out of a closet-sized visitor’s center two days a week?”

“With SimplCRM, we understand the burdens of data. Time and resources are in short supply. Small-to-medium size destinations need streamlined and relevant customer and membership content management. We get the message. SimplCRM self-populates to a typology that the destination user can learn and create quickly in a few hours. SimplCRM provides account management tools at a price point that is well below the CRM market. Plus it plugs-in seamlessly to our new membership manager application.”

Mattson would like to open a dialogue about SimplCRM and its membership directory with anyone from smaller places.

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