Cartonova Launches Events Calendar Designed Expressly for Destination Marketing Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and Their Memberships

WENONAH, NJ, January 17, 2013 / CARTONOVA Press Release/—Adding to its line of open source software solutions, CARTONOVA announced the launch of Unicalpro—a distributed, shared calendar system designed expressly for destination marketing organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and their memberships. System architect and company president Mark Mattson explains why Unicalpro will streamline event sharing while attending to the day-to-day internal activities of organizations and their members. According to Mattson, “Unicalpro allows destinations and businesses to do the own thing while sharing events of common interest. It handles the detailed day-to-day private activities of organizations and members with the clear advantage of sharing any event to a public DMO calendar. The system features a fully functional form-driven administrator with public/private views and access. Unicalpro is system smart in that organizations and members agree to collaborate within mutually-advantageous event category windows provided by the DMO. Unicalpro also allows for public non-member contributions placing all contributions into a pending file for DMO approval.”

What impresses early onlookers is the simplicity and elegance of the system’s design and user interface. Built using WordPress as a framework, Unicalpro capitalizes on WordPress the world’s most widely used and powerful application framework. Unicalpro serves organizations and their members simultaneously. It is a fully brandable and robust internal events calendar that automatically links any public event to an equally robust shared community calendar hosted by the local DMO.

Unicalpro deploys a full feature set that includes full import/export functions, category/tag filtering, recurring event postings, poster, agenda, day, week, month viewing, fully-branded css styling, upcoming event support, SEO optimization, multi-language support, multi media capabilities, endless elegant design and layout options, Google mapping and directions to events, unlimited category topologies, unlimited calendars, private/public sharing, event management, revenue neutrality, revenue production, permission pending lockout administration, replacement current organizational calendar functions, QR readiness, and fully embed ability outside WordPress.

According to Mattson, “We’re tying organizations and local stakeholders together by providing them with the same or better features that they are accustomed to getting with Outlook, ical, Yahoo, or Google calendars. The difference between these other calendar providers and us is simple, yet wildly significant. Other calendars allow additions and subscriptions to what is seen. Of course we do that. But we take it one step further. We give local stakeholders the opportunity to actually co-develop “what” is being seen. Included in our calendar dashboard is an area that gives local stakeholders a chance to share directly with the DMO. We call this a window of collaboration. Through this window the local stakeholder can see the event categories on the DMO calendar and add directly to any or all of the available opportunities. For example, the DMO can have an arts category in its public calendar that appears in the member’s calendar as an option that the member can share an event to. This approach is so unique that I hope that everyone gets a chance to see Unicalpro in action.”

CARTONOVA is a developer of Internet software tools applications for destination marketing organizations and affinity sites with specialized markets and clients. For further information, please contact us at (856) 889-0102.

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