How We Compare to the Gold Standard

Why We Feel Confident

Simpleview is the industry’s gold standard serving 500 cities. We are targeting DMOs that can’t afford Simpleview or are looking to transition into a more affordable solution while gaining important marketing capacities.

Our Strengths

  • Numerous pathways to monetization for marketers and local stakeholders
  • Easy “edit/publish” interface with No secrets code that anyone can master
  • Highly response, branded, designs from mobile to 4k HDTV home and in-room screens
  • Proprietary embed scripts that link member content to their own webpages
  • “Open source” architecture and framework that is agile and supported by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide at low cost

Why Us!! (1) Comparable features, (2) Easy on the pocket book, and (3) All inclusive feature set that is open source and not “black boxed” creating high support costs.

Availability of Features on an Item-by-Item Basis

Below is a list of capacities. On an item-by-item basis, we aren’t going to say which alternative is best. That’s a judgement you’ll have to make. We only want to dispel any notion that Simpleview is the only complete solution. It’s not and in some cases—not even close.

simpleviewlogo cartonovalogo
Framework Simpleview Proprietary WordPress Open Source
CMS (Total installations) Simpleview (400) WordPress (60,000,000)
CRM (Total installations) Simpleview (400) Odoo (4,000,000)
ERP Simpleview Odoo
Events Calendar Yes Yes
Interactive Mapping Yes Yes
Extensions 45 56,000
Trip Builder Yes Yes
Itineraries Yes Yes
Business Profiles Yes Yes
Coupons Yes Yes
Blog Yes Yes
Multi Media Support Yes Yes
Responsive Views Yes Yes
In Room HDTV Support Yes
Wedding Support Yes Yes
Fingertip Concierge Yes
COVID-19 Remediation Yes Yes
SVG Map Graphics Yes
Custom Mobile Apps Yes
Trip Maps Yes Yes
Concierge Support Yes
Distributed Marketing Yes
360° Tours/VR Yes