Bring Clients & Memberships to Screen & Deals to Fruition Using Cartonova’s Customized, Open Source, Odoo Cloud CRM

Added Value Through Our Easy Use Proprietary Interface

There is no point in reinventing wheels. This is particularly true when it comes to CRM and ERP. With this in mind, we merged our destination software with Odoo— a world CRM leader with more than four million clients. The result easily competes with Simpleview©. In operation, Odoo does what it does well and we do what we do well through a seamless code interface that runs destination marketing offices and powers destination sites.

We Customize Odoo’s Database to Fit Your Organization’s Specific Needs

A CRM is raw power. It must be configured to accept and store information of the type you need as a destination marketer. Things like addresses, phone numbers and names are easy. Every CRM has these. What we add are destination specific attributes and link these outward to drive your website and power your sales and products.

Linked to Our Member Management Solution

One of our very original innovations is to link your Odoo CRM with our membership management software. This simplifies everything. You run all membership functions through Paid Memberships Pro and we automatically port contact-related attributes to Odoo.

We’re hooked into a great CRM that is modified specifically for destination marketing operations.

Harness Odoo’s Organizational Powers & Efficiencies
CRM & Pipeline
Manage Social Media
SMS Marketing
Email Marketing
Project Management
Help Desk
Lead Generation
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