Data Cleansing to Optimize CRM Performance and Utilization

Within 12 Months, 30% of Your CRM Data Will Be Out of Date

By updating, linking and de-duplicating consumer data, we unlock powerful new insights and capabilities, while enabling multi-channel targeting, personalization, and segmentation of your stakeholders and visitors.

Is Your CRM Data Holding You Back?

When CRM data is clean, standardized, and free of errors your visitors and stakeholders have the best possible experience, leading to more effective marketing and improved membership retention. Inaccurate or “broken” data leads to irrelevant communications, failed marketing strategies, and bounced emails.

Garbage in Garbage Out

Problems with data are three fold. Data decay. Phone numbers change, people move. Other problems are institutional. People are lazy and there is no culture that promotes data hygiene. Finally, are problems that come from poor input designs and preemptive strategies that keep data standardized from the source.

What We Do

We start by working with you to develop data protocols. We learn what you need and organize your CRM to reflect your goals. Then we cleanse your current CRM data and reenter it into your newly organized system. Finally, we educate your staff on the importance of clean data and share ideas that will help you create and maintain a hygienic organizational culture.

DMOs need clean data and linking solutions to empower intelligent analytics and informed campaigns

Pathways to Clean & Useful CRM Data

  • Building an geographic attribute set is the critical first step to building an dynamic CRM. This can be done by reconfiguring your current CRM database or building a new CRM (such as Odoo).
  • Linking creates a single, persistent, authoritative identity record and enables the consolidation of duplicate records across data silos to drive improved marketing effectiveness and accurate reporting. Linking builds bridges between various data records in order to provide answers to implement effect marketing strategies.
  • Data cleansing. We employ a comprehensive data hygiene process that features robust standardization, normalization and data/address correction processes. One developed, we extract and correct existing data and replace it into your new reconfigured database.
  • Complete and verify the identity of individuals, businesses, and geographic locations by identifying and correcting missing or incomplete contact data such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses.
  • Demographic attributes enable personalization via a variety of data points such as gender, age, income, marital status, and personal preferences/affinities as identified by using our trip building apps and observing onsite activity.
  • Enhance marketing campaigns by drilling down into users profiles and creating affinity clusters to ensure you’re engaging your best current and prospective visitors, with preferred content, at the right time using the right channels.