Paid Memberships Pro—Management Software Used by Over 80,000 Organizations Worldwide.

Customizable Features

  • Unlimited levels with flexible membership pricing
  • 6 popular payment gateways included
  • Customizable financial reports and member dashboards
  • Over 60 add ons to extend and customize
  • Manage organizations with thousands of members
  • Accept recurring payments
  • Create private and unique member interest groups
  • Develop robust directory or listings sites by topic or community
  • Offer product subscriptions or members-only product discounts
  • Includes an elegant, online member directory

Member Activity Statistics and Reports

We have coordinated Paid Memberships Pro with Odoo CRM to run your office and power your website. PMP is the world’s most powerful member management software. It can be used exactly as it is or we can customize it to accommodate your operational and reporting needs.

  • Detailed reports for all members and includes details on visits, views, logins, sales, revenue and membership stats for the entire history of each membership.
  • Detailed reports of overall visits by filterable time frame per user/member.
  • Overall sales volume and revenue by all time, year, month, and for today. Filterable charts for Sales and Revenue based on custom time period and membership level.
  • Customizable financial reports and member dashboards
  • Membership-related stats including signups and cancellations, monthly recurring Revenue (MRR), cancellation rate, and lifetime value (LTV). Filterable by time period and membership level.
Complete Member Management with Billing, Automated Payments, and Reporting

60 Add Ons to Increase Productivity and Outreach

We Have Developed Pathways to Manage Your Membership, Your CRM and Your Web Content Simultaneously.

(Paid Memberships Pro is free. We charge a one-time fee to set-it up and train you on how to use it. Separate add-ons are licensed and supported on through a yearly PMP subscription of $297.)