Convert Your DMO Site to WordPress or Upgrade
Your Existing WordPress Site with Advanced Tourism Technology

Site Migration

  • Includes All Features
  • Migrate Existing Data
  • Perfectly Replicate Your Site
  • Add $5,000 for Site Redesign
  • Easy Admin
  • No Service Interruption
  • 25 Free Hours of Support

Interactive Maps

  • Easy Map Builder Admin
  • Build Unlimited Maps
  • Map Library
  • Custom Categories for Each Map
  • Linked to Your CRM
  • Popup Map Markers
  • Totall Responsive


  • Modern Tribe Calendar
  • Calendar Design
  • Coupon Module
  • Device Responsive
  • Easy One Page Admin
  • Multi-Contributor Ready
  • Video Tutorial

Trip Building

  • Available With or Without Viewer Registration
  • Elegant Design
  • Builds Custom Mobile App for Each Viewer
  • Creates Minable Profile Data
  • Perfect Fee For Marketing Revenue Generator
  • Drag and Drop Technology
  • Supports Both Sales and Marketing Initiatives


  • Easy Launch Admin
  • Deployed on Profiles, Coupon Pages
  • Deployed to Event Calendar
  • Monetizable w/ Woo Commerce Payments
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Member Managment Dashboard
  • Perfect Fee For Marketing Revenue Generator


  • Drives Member Website Profiles
  • Manages member Accounts and Payments
  • Full Graphing and sales Funnel Viewing
  • Every Function Available to Other CRMs
  • Generates Quotes, Invoices & Transactions
  • Contact Centric
  • Client Portal
Development Stack

Our development stack is listed below. Our stack is supplemented with other features that perform functions like creating and managing slide shows or videos. These and other features are available free from the 55,000 in the WordPress Library. These supplementary features are meant to make the site and organizational management easier. The listed below have been tested against the website’s core functions and have been shown to be compatible with one another. Each item below is linked to a description. Clients are welcome to ask for live demos.

WordPress (WP)
As a free and open-source content management system (CMS), WP is the best and most widely used framework on the planet. It is also an incredible development environment since it runs PHP at its core. As your developer, we offer beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. We install our own proprietary plugins, like interactive mapping systems, concierge utilities, visitor center tools, event modules, and drag and drop itinerary builders. If you need additional features, they can be found in a WP plugin library that contains 45,000+ plugins to meet your needs in terms of media, SEO, online stores, galleries, mailing lists, forums, and analytics.

Cartonova MapMaker
MapMaker is an enormously powerful tool. Many destination sites have interactive maps, but almost none have a mapping suite like ours. MapMaker allows an organization to build as many maps as they need. Obviously, the first map is the one that includes everything. Other maps can be made for EV Charging stations, trailheads in a special section on hiking, or spots to bring the kids on Halloween. The combinations of uses are endless given that each map is a combination of “point-and-click” category and place selections that are chosen for a single map from the Cascade Loop database. Please review this example

  • Focusing that allows users to shift the map from place-to-place or neighborhood-to-neighborhood instantly. Each focus is assigned its own level of magnification.
  • Simple short code deployment to pages throughout the site
  • Linked to Cartonova TripBuilder with customizable icons and map marker contents
  • Able to be mastered in a matter of 20 minutes
  • In its 10th generation with up time approaching 100%
  • May be used for both marketing and sales in destination offices

Cartonova TripBuilder
Visitors build itineraries using TripBuilder. Itineraries are lists of favorites that can be organized by days and sent to the visitor by email. Itineraries are also printable directly from the TripBuilder page. The TripBuilder is a list of favorite selections on the left, which are dragged and dropped into days on the right. Please review TripBuilder in operation by selecting favorites and mailing them to yourself at:

Cartonova Fingertip Concierge
Fingertip Concierge (FTC) is similar to TripBuilder with several advanced features. It is our most recent innovation and, to our knowledge, the first of its kind anywhere. Fingertip Concierge is pre-populated with all the places in a destination website such as Cascade Loop. The user selects a category to view the places in that category. These places have the same drag and drop functionality found in TripBuilder. Places may be examined by clicking the place title in the left column before they are dragged and dropped to the right. The system is called Fingertip Concierge because it can be used by hotel concierges, visitor center staff, or by visitors on the website. Using FTC, hotel concierges or hotels with no concierge become marketing partners disseminating DMO information and opportunities.
What makes FTC truly unique is that it outputs to print, email, Facebook, and a personalized mobile app. The email is HTML so that it includes notices, news, advertisements, events, and other things that the visitor might find useful. These ads are certainly monetizable and like TripBuilder an “other things that might interest you” list can be added to the visitor’s list of favorites.
Fingertip Concierge does something that no other trip builder does. It sends a personalized mobile app to visitors. The mobile app is an entire HTML website into which the user’s favorites are infused. As an organization, you can send a miniaturized version of the Cascade Loop site or build a fully customized mobile site tailored to specific groups or organizations looking to do business around the loop. If FTC is used by a hotel, it can be configured with the hotel’s brand.
Finally, FTC builds itineraries and/or day trip ideas. Each FTC is unique in that it is a custom collection of places that you decided are relevant to the groups using it. See this demonstration.

WooCommerce is a shopping environment used by 32 million websites. Cartonova is a master developer. Since the list of features is so long, please review Woo’s product page to answer specific questions.

A unique customer relations management system that seamlessly integrates into your WP control panel. Your members and/or prospects’ information is stored in the WP user database, giving you the ability to utilize the vast pool of WP plugins to collect and analyze user information. We create customer forms with custom data fields to manage your organization. Apart from sending messages, these forms will collect all kinds of custom data, which can be filtered for easy contact analysis. These data are imported directly into Cascade Loop member profiles. These forms create users with the user role you want to assign.

  • Save all your NBS CRM contacts as WordPress users
  • Take advantage of all the various WordPress features and plugins to manage your membership network’s experience
  • Give backend access rights to your contacts, contractors and employees
  • Use for project planning, management and accountability
  • Organize your contacts in the most flexible way possible
  • Custom fields that are linked to Cartonova’s custom place post type to build member profiles
  • Client IDs, advanced contact classification
  • Customize data to organize and filter your membership network the way your membership requires you to
  • Excellent user organization, filtering and editing
  • Ability to easily add new user data attributes (i.e. member name)
  • Dynamic charts representing attributes with quantifiable data
  • Notifications management
  • User CSV exporting
  • User activity and note tracking
  • WP-Invoice plugin integration linked to Paid Membership Pro and WooCommerce using a payment gateway of your choice

Paid Membership Pro (PMP)
PMP is a customizable membership plugin for WP integrated with Stripe,, or PayPal® for recurring payments, flexible content control, themed registration, and checkout.

  • The Cascade staff will be able to build an unlimited number of membership levels
  • Each level is assigned a price, which is manage by PMP and paid through a payment gateway of Cascade’s choosing.
  • Pricing is flexible and includes trial memberships and recurring payments
  • Members are assigned site privileges based on level
  • The Cascade Loop staff may view or download reports of membership and financial transactions
  • All PMP activities and records are search engine optimized
  • PMP has an enormous community to support each user
  • PMP sends email notifications based on level directly
  • PMP can be linked to MailChimp or other mail services
  • PMP is totally theme-able, which means that member directories, invoices, notifications and all other materials reflect the Cascade Loop brand
  • PMP is an open source license, to which we can add functions as they are needed
  • PMP is 100% compatible with Cartonova’s plugins, the WP theme AVADA, and other plugins in the development stack

Timely All-In-One Calendar
Cartonova is a Timely calendar developer. We have been using and extending Timely’s calendar and its functions for six years. To review calendar capacities please refer to

New Relic
New Relic is a leader in Digital Intelligence including New Relic APM Pro (application Performance solution). Application Performance provides code-level visibility to help teams troubleshoot faster, eliminate bottlenecks in your site’s performance, optimize your WP experience, and increase development agility.

Cartonova CouponMaker
CouponMaker builds coupons and/or advertisements to be placed automatically into member profiles and/or onto a site “deals page.” Coupons are self-service and are built in a matter of minutes with automatic start and expiration dates.

Cartonova Itineraries and Suggested Trips
Useful by-products of Cartonova MapMaker are suggested itineraries and day-trips. To explain, a picture is worth a thousand words. Visit Montgomery used these effectively and they became a highlight of the website. Learning about our Nation’s History is one of our favorites.

A search-optimization plugin that is currently considered the most comprehensive search engine optimization software available for WP users. Yoast allows us to develop an SEO using your local knowledge and experience of what is important to your visitors. Among Yoast’s many features are:

  • Save time with the redirects manager
  • Get more visitors from Google and Bing
  • Improve your site structure with internal link suggestions
  • Attract more visitors from social media
  • Keyword optimization
  • Readability checks
  • Breadcrumb control
  • Eliminate duplicate content
  • Internal linking
  • Content insights
  • Preview pages in social media