The bulk of all destination marketing surrounds promoting locations that need the least promotion.

Now, I am not suggesting that popular points of interest don’t need promotion. Quite to the contrary. They do because they are the commodities that attract people to destinations most often.

What I’m suggesting is a strategic tools strategy that kills two birds with one stone. Such a strategy sees popular points of interest as anchors from which travelers venture into less known and equally wonderful territories.

I mean it isn’t surprising why this strategy works. Visit your local mega mall to see it in action. At the corners of the mall are stores like Macy’s and Penny’s. They bring the traffic and the traffic inevitably ventures out to lesser or unknown places like carts that offer products in the middles of corridors.

Undoubtedly, a mall succeeds when all merchants benefit and work together as an organic economy. What we do at TravelTools is use your web site tools to launch visitors from familiar points of interest into realms that are much less known. Not only does this increase the size of the pie, it also increases the size of the fun. Most times, as travelers, our most memorable experiences are the ones off the beaten track.