There is something afoot. New questions are being asked. New forces are being brought to bear on once comfortable institutions. In my opinion, we will see a new generation of agile solutions because the market is far too nimble and lean to tolerate the snail’s pace and expense of “one trick pony” web sites and/or $9,000 mobile apps.

If you really get right down to it, the industry may already have enough capacity. In order to exploit rapidly evolving micro markets based on self-identified visitor affinities, technological agility may mean scaling back rather than building out. It will involve a re-purposing or re-tasking of existing solutions in that micro-markets are not only traveler self-identified, but they are geo-temporal. New technology applications and content will need to be relevant at a variety of geographic scales, within a variety of time frameworks. When you take a boundless number of traveler affinities, multiply those by an infinite number of geographic scales and time frameworks, you are either burdened by bloat or liberated by possibility.

Whatever happens, there is reason for exuberant hope. Those who fail to heed the clarion call will fall behind. As history shows us, irrelevance is self-correcting.